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This area can also be a place to enjoy the company of a loved one and to experience all the joy of intimacy and closeness. I’m talking about the bedroom. Granted, there are other areas in the home that can provide many of these benefits, but the bedroom has always been the traditional place to find the conditions that provide days end peace and comfort. Before considering the types of lighting typically used in the bedroom, keep in mind that the color of the walls and the ceiling will affect the type and the intensity of the lighting that you need to use. Brightly colored walls and ceilings require considerably less light than do bedrooms that are painted with darker colors. Lighting is often an underestimated factor in determining how we feel and how we function physiologically and on an unconscious level to say nothing of its influence on our emotions. The old saying that there are different strokes for different folks holds true when it comes to bedroom lighting. Some couples see the bedroom as a place to enjoy intimacy and sleep while other individuals and couples see it as a multi functional room where they can talk, read, watch television or engage in hobbies. Whatever purposes the bedroom area serves, there is lighting that meets these needs. If reading is a common activity, task lighting should be a major consideration and the needs of your partner who may not share your passion for reading should be a significant factor. Matching bedside tables and lights provide a nice decorative and functional balance. The shade level should be lower than your head level to avoid glare and to reduce disturbing your partner. Consider using opaque shades because they naturally dim the light and tend to reduce the light bleeding over on your partner’s side of the bed.

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A great compliment

A great compliment to your bed is a nightstand or two, if you have space. You’ll want somewhere to store books and place a lamp within reach of your bed. Take your time to make your decision. Preferably carry out some preliminary research on the internet or some home decor magazines to see what the latest designs are before you hit the stores.

The next important ingredient of bedroom furniture is a closet with adequate space to store all your linen. Most houses have built-in closets, but in case you are amongst those who do not have one, pick one up immediately. An armoire is a great option to add storage to your bedroom, most can be used to hang clothes or fit a large TV. The drawers of the armoire are large and can fit an abundance of clothing, like a closet they can be used for a variety of tasks like storage of your bed linen, your and your spouse’s clothes, and day-to-day usage items. Attach a mirror to the door of your closet or armoire and it will double as a dressing area as well.

A dressing table is the next ‘must have’ in a bedroom. Depending upon the space available in your room, you can choose between a simple mirror affixed on the closet or on a wall, or go in for a completely separate dressing area. This area is generally most convenient right next to the bathroom, so all the toiletries are easily accessible from where they are most needed. The size of the mirror should match with the size of your room – an oversized mirror will look out of place in a small sized room, even though it may be the most exclusive piece around. Besides the mirror, your dressing space should also cater for a shelf of sorts for placing toiletries of immediate use and a few drawers for the rest.

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